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Puppy Raisers: Raise a Puppy, Change a Life!

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Puppy Raisers: Raise a Puppy, Change a Life!

Photo Description: Our Puppy Raisers and dogs in the FIDO Lab with Dr. Fasenko.

NMSU Community Puppy Raisers are a group of students committed to raising and training puppies to become future guide dogs. Our main job as puppy raisers is to teach the puppy good manners and provide socialization experiences. Through a partnership with Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) of California, we receive puppies around 2 months old and return them between 15 and 17 months of age depending on their progress. They then go to GDB San Rafael, California or Boring, Oregon campus for several months of formal training. At this point, our puppies will have their skills put to the test by GDB trainers as they start learning how to be a working Guide Dog. Our goal is to help our puppies reach their full potential and give them the best opportunity for success as they continue the journey to their new crucial career. Our passion comes from knowing our puppies and their future handler will lead each other to a more fulfilled life with unconditional love, mutual understanding, and independence. 

Training begins the moment we receive a new puppy to the day they leave. Because we don't know what type of environment their future handler will live in, we expose the puppies to as many smells, sounds, and sights as possible. We help each other with training, take puppies on outing and socialize them together. This will ensure the puppy grows up to be confident in their training and able to safely lead their handler through any situation. To achieve this, our puppies go everywhere we do including classes, restaurants, events and more. They also live with their assigned puppy raiser and are introduced to other pets, family members, and animals. These daily activities begin to give the puppy an understanding of living beside their handler and guiding them through life. All the socialization and environmental experiences the puppies are gradually exposed to by their puppy raisers helps them to be a more confident dog when they return to Guide Dogs for the Blind. We are truly raising four legged future superheros.

3 yellow labs in the laps of their raisers
Photo Description: Our 3 new puppies with their puppy raiser. From left to right, Christina Meechan with Scooby, Jessica Brooks with Nadelle, and Sydney Schumacher with Saint.

This past September, we welcomed three brand new yellow lab puppies into our program - this is where we need your help! Because the puppies are rapidly growing each day, your donation will make an immediate difference as we are in need of increasing amounts of food, grooming supplies, and training equipment. With your help, we can provide the type of environment that will fully prepare them to be the best Guide Dog candidate they can be.

Join us in raising a puppy with the ability to lead their handler to a more fulfilled life! Make your donation today!

Photo Description: Close-up of two puppies, Scooby and Nadelle.


Choose a giving level


Puppy Basics

A donation of $10 will help us purchase FIDO Lab essentials such as toys, cleaning supplies, treats and more.


Training 101

A contribution of $25 will allow us to purchase items such training leashes, beds and more.



A donation of $50 will allow us to purchase everything we need to groom our pups like nail clippers, shampoo, brushes, wash tubs and more.


Dog Food

A contribution of $80 will allow us to purchase food for all our dogs in training.


Guide Dog Traning

A donation of $250 will allow us to purchase training materials to prepare for Guide Dog School such as play pens, floor markers, obstacles and more.


Advanced Training Conferences

A contribution of $500 will allow us to take our pups to a training conference in Phoenix to develop advanced skills and undergo an evaluation by Guide Dogs for the Blind.


Guide Dog School Candidate

Your donation of $1,000 will help us fund travel to take our grown pups to California as they prepare for the next stage in becoming a guide dog.

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