Aggie Finish Line Degree Completion Scholarship

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Aggie Finish Line Degree Completion Scholarship

Now, more than ever, our 2021 graduates need your help. In a time where our seniors should be focused on completing their courses, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought incredible hardship and financial burden. As a result, many students are struggling to find ways to afford the remainder of their final semester. After years of dedication and hard work, these seniors are at a high risk for not graduating. 

In order to support our students, the Aggie Finish Line Degree Completion Scholarship was created to aid seniors who are within 1-2 semesters away from graduation. To be eligible, these seniors must be in good academic standing and currently face financial roadblocks that prevents them from completing their degree. 

During this challenging time, your contribution could be the difference between a withdrawal or a diploma. A donation, of any amount, encourages our students to become successful NMSU graduates. Support our senior students on their race to cross the finish line. Make your gift today!

Meet some of our past Aggie Finish Line Degree Completion Scholarship recipients:


If you, or someone you know, may be eligible for the Aggie Finish Line Degree Completion Scholarship, please visit the NMSU Scholar Dollar$ website to apply:

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