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Our crowdfunding campaign has ended, but you can still support the Josh Dunne Memorial Endowed Scholarship by clicking here.

In Memory of Corporal Josh Dunne, USMC

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Hello, Again!

September 17, 2017

Thank you to all of our donors. There will be more updates as we continue to make progress in endowing Josh's memorial scholarship at NMSU!


Thank you all again!



You Are Amazing, Thank You!

June 01, 2017

I can't begin to describe the feeling we have to know we achieved this goal.  Each and every donor, I hope you know how honored I am to share this with you. 


Much love, 



'Celebrate - Honor - Remember' This Memorial Day

May 26, 2017

This weekend signifies an important milestone in our first year without Josh.  This Memorial Day we become a part of the military families who will be celebrating our freedom, honoring our armed forces, and remembering the life of Josh, who we love dearly.......who died too soon.  I encourage you to do the same - celebrate, honor, remember.  Celebrate your freedoms with Bar-be-que's, family games and activities, honor your military, and remember the fallen.  You can honor by making this day an act of kindness for your military heroes.  

I read some suggestions online such as inviting a service member to your home this Memorial Day or volunteering at your local national cemetery to clean and bring poppies to the gravesite.  I have the perfect idea, right here, right now you can share this message and encourage your friends and family to donate to our scholarship to support student veterans! What better way to honor the fallen by this act of kindness? Your donation may even be supporting a student of a fallen service member!

We are currently at 93% of our goal! so close to reaching 100%.  #neverforget and while you are celebrating, honor by donating, remember by continuing to share our story.  

To our current donors, thank you, for every dollar donated I have surely shed a tear of honor, pride and sorrow. Josh's children and myself send you all love and gratitude for your help in keeping Josh's legacy alive!


Click and share this link to donate:

Let's Keep It Going!

May 22, 2017

Good Afternoon!

First let me just say how thankful I am that we have been granted an extension with NMSU to reach our goal for the Josh Dunne Memorial Endowed Scholarship.  Once we have met our goal, this scholarship will be annual! How great to know that your donation will CONTINUE to help student veterans!  After the extension was granted we received over $1,000 in donations, wow! I am so grateful to our donors, your generosity has really made my heart full!

Family Update: The kids and I are overdue for a vacation, we needed to get away for a bit to clear our minds, grieve, connect, and remember our husband and father.  Josh's favorite band, (next to Led Zeppelin) is U2.  Early this year U2 announced a small tour of the 30 year old album, 'The Joshua Tree'.  This album catapulted U2 into superstardom in the United States, it's also one of our family favorites!  When I found out they were going to be touring this album in it's entirety, I saw the sign....and purchased us tickets! One of the popular songs, 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' was a special song for Josh and I, which was selected to be played at his funeral services.

Last night was the concert, we all felt a deep connection to Josh and the concert (a once in a lifetime opportunity) was beautiful, deep, powerful, inspiring, and most of all had such meaning for us.  I'm sharing some personal pictures of this amazing event!

Thank you all again!



To donate to the scholarship please visit:

We've been given an extension!

May 16, 2017

Good Morning,

I just wanted to say thank you to all the supporters who have given to honor the memory and legacy of Josh. Our fundraiser has been granted an extension to the end of May. Please help us share this opportunity to help veterans and their dependents who attend New Mexico State University.

Please share the following link:

My sincerest thanks to everyone, I am forever grateful to have known Josh.

In appreciation,

Adrian Bautista


May 09, 2017

There are now SEVEN days left of our campaign.  As I see the light at the end of the tunnel I am proud of what we have accomplished, not knowing what to expect has been the biggest struggle, but seeing it all come together has been rewarding. 

This time of year is Josh's favorite season.  He loved spring.  It meant that the dark times of December triggers are over and a new year, new season, new growth was coming about.  We had a long standing tradition of planting fruit, veggies, and flowers this time of year. Our garden was a time to reconnect to each other and spend time outside making memories and sharing stories.  It has been a painful spring for the children and I, but Johnathan and I stuck together and continued with this family tradition, just as Josh would want I'm sure. Last night I was reflecting on our scholarship campaign and brainstorming ideas to reach our goal to ensure that student's get the benefits of this scholarship.  I checked on our tomato plant and saw a small growth coming from the large stem; I called Johnathan outside to see! He was so excited, Josh had the "green thumb" and could make anything grow! I prayed and asked him for his assistance in our garden this year as I didn't want to disappoint our son; it seems that I'm doing alright!  I will continue to do the same for this scholarship, that it will continue to grow with Josh's guidance and that we will achieve our goal!!


Please, keep sharing and asking your friends and family to consider donating, every dollar makes a difference!



12 Days Left!

May 04, 2017

The deadline is quickly approaching and we are currently at 57% of our goal! It's an exciting time as we continue to steadily make waves each day.  

As we near the end of our campaign I would like to invite you all to share our campaign link:

to 25 friends and/or family members. Email them a message about how important this scholarship is for student veteran's and their family.  

I want to personally thank you all for continuing to make this campaign a success, I know we can do this in the remaining days left! Let's finish strong!



Consider a Donation to One of the Nation's Top Military Friendly Schools! (Hint: it's NMSU!)

April 26, 2017


I would like all of our donors and potential donors to read the article posted above. I came across this article this evening as I was doing research for my "writing spot". I am so proud to be teaming up with NMSU for this scholarship, did you know NMSU has already been named one of the most friendly military schools in the country!? I feel blessed to be an alumni from a university with such a high integrity to support their military students. I know Josh stood with NMSU for his graduate degree because of the support from his veteran student peers he received.  

The story above reminded me a lot about Josh, he struggled in class, but like every other student veteran I have come to know, they adapt and overcome! It is not impossible and I know there are so many great veteran's with bright futures ahead of them once they enter into a higher education. I have many veteran friends who have graduated from NMSU who are successful and I hope that this scholarship will inspire more.  You are not alone! NMSU is a great way to connect with your military peers and to find support and to encourage one another. The recommended assistance that this article mentions for veteran's who are thinking of going back to college are all available right here at NMSU! 

Please, consider donating to Josh's Memorial Scholarship to help a veteran transition into a great new adventure on NMSU's campus!




As You May Have Seen....

April 20, 2017

As you may have seen, this weekend the interview Jonah and I did was released. We are so grateful that other's are wanting to share the importance of PTSD awareness while also advocating for this scholarship. 

If you have not seen the news release, keep reading!

We are receiving donations everyday and with 26 days left we are confident we can reach our goal...with your help of course! Keep sharing so that we can achieve our goal of helping a student veteran or dependent.   <<<< Copy/Paste the link!

Please, keep a look out for our updates to share, this weekend we will have an exciting update I can't wait to share with you all!

Thank you!



Marine veteran known for generosity, advocacy remembered with NMSU endowed scholarship

Date: 04/17/2017 Writer: Adriana M. Chavez, 575-646-1957,

About a month before he died, Josh Dunne, his father and brothers-in-law went on a hunting trip. Before returning to Las Cruces, they stopped at a Silver City restaurant run by a relative. There, Dunne met a fellow veteran and made friendly conversation with him. 

Continue reading here:

Happy Easter

April 16, 2017


From our family to yours, we sincerely hope you all have had a great weekend making memories with family and friends. Every holiday for us will forever be a painful reminder of our beloved Josh.  There will always be a piece missing to our almost perfect memories, there will forever be a void in our family pictures, a voice missing in the conversation, a smile missing from a special moment, but we can continue to remember Josh in the best way possible, helping other veterans and their families achieve success with a college education!

I ask everyone that has donated to please share our link to your friends and family to consider a donation (any amount) to the Josh Dunne Memorial Endowed Scholarship. Every dollar makes a difference.  It would mean a whole lot to Josh's family, even more, it WILL soon mean a whole lot to a veteran or their dependent when they receive a scholarship. Remember, this is veteran's helping veteran's and we ask you be a part of it!

Thank You and Happy Easter!

The Dunne Family

Thank you, we are 46% of the way and need your help.

April 14, 2017

First and foremost, we would like to say thank you for your support. Contributions from supporters like you make an impact for veterans and their dependents attending New Mexico State University. Additionally, your donations are helping honor Josh's legacy of giving. 

If you knew Josh, you understand how caring he was and how much helping others meant to him. Please help us share this opportunity to partner with us and make a difference for veterans at NMSU. Please share this link:

Again, I sincerely appreciate the outpouring of support from students, friends, family and community members who have chosen to give to this scholarship for veterans.

In gratitude,

-Melanie Dunne

Hello and Thank You, From Bella and Melanie!

April 09, 2017

Please keep sharing our mission to reach our goal of $10,000 to provide a student veteran and/or their dependent with a scholarship in honor of my husband, Josh Dunne, USMC. 

This week Jonah and I did an interview with NMSU news that will be out soon, we will share that update with you as it is our first step in achieving our next mission of PTSD awareness - of course in hopes of achieving our scholarship goal also.  I want to thank each and everyone of our donors so far, this has been amazing to see.  I wake up every morning and check our campaign to see the progress we have made, I am so grateful for our friends and family who have shared, for the students who have donated and everyone who is beginning and continuing to keep Josh's good memory alive. 

I know Josh is here and I know we all are making him proud that his mission in life of helping other veteran's continues to live on!

Have a great weekend!


Thank you!

April 03, 2017

Josh was such a motivating person, he could make anyone want to achieve their dreams; he sure did for us too! We are so excited to take on our first mission in granting student veterans or their dependent's with a scholarship!  I know this would make Josh proud of each and every one contributing.  You see, Josh didn't just aspire to achieve his own dreams in life, he wanted all those he loved to do the same.  He wanted success for everyone and that's what this is all about; the best way we can honor his name. 

As an alumni of NMSU, Josh was proud to continue the Aggie tradition, he attended every football game and even befriended a few players! The lasting impression he made on these player's continues to live on with his son, Johnathan.  His little Aggie is just as excited as we all are to award a student veteran or dependent with a scholarship! For being so young, Johnathan knows how important this is and how much this would mean to his dad. This goal is greater than all of us!

We are at 36% of our goal and we are ecstatic! Can you believe the momentum we are achieving thus far? We sure are happy and know Josh is not surprised at all because he really believed in all his friends and family. Now it's our time to continue sharing our "mission", sharing his legacy, and continue gaining momentum! Keep sharing! We know you are making a difference by sharing his message and your donations are so appreciated. 

Thank you, 

Jonah and Melanie

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